December Poetry Marathon!

Dear Friends:

I am participating in Tupelo Press 30/30 Project! To give back during the holidays this year I am in a “marathon” for the month of December with nine other poets, writing a poem every day, and raising funds for Tupelo Press.

I invite family, friends, and colleagues to sponsor me in my poetry marathon (see below for ways to contribute). Every dollar you spend is a vote for my poetry, and for poetry in general!   If you make a contribution to Tupelo to support my poetry marathon--I will send you a personalized thank you gift (remember to give my name as the poet you are supporting)!  “And if you haven’t got a ha’penny,” wish me luck!  🙂 

Running an actual marathon is as hard as writing a poem every day, painful in different ways! I recommend both (I know!), and you can read my poems as I knock them off this month.  Take a little time to visit the 30/30 Project Blog and look at my brand spanking new poems here:

Tupelo Press is one of the best non-profit independent publishers we have. You can join me in helping them survive and continue to put more poets into print.

Here are ways to contribute: 

1. Subscribe to Tupelo Press! Visit:

Purchase our dynamic 2014 series – 9 books for $99 and we’ll pay the postage! Or choose one of our exciting prior series, or a personalized list of any 9 titles. Put your poet’s name in the “comments” field. 

2. Complete the Tupelo Press Donation Form Visit:

Scroll down to the bottom of the page, fill out the donation form and send it in with a check or fill in the credit card details. Put your poet’s name in the “honor” field.

3. Donate Using PayPal Visit: 

Click on the orange “Quick Donation via PayPal” button and complete the entry with either PayPal account details or credit card information. Put your poet’s name in the “message” field.

If you would like a tax receipt, please provide your mailing address. 

Here is what you are supporting: +Independent literary publishers are mission-driven—they focus on publishing literature. +Independent literary publishers provide access to the voices of entire communities. +Independent literary publishers produce over 98% of poetry being published each year, and the majority of literature in translation and works of fiction by emerging writers.

Thank you so much for your support of me and small press publishing.

My best always,  Kathy